Change of Venue – Public meeting on Thu, 25th Feb 2016

Please note that the venue for the Public meeting on the 25th at 5pm has been changed to:

Moravian Hall, next to Library.

Main Road, Greyton.

The purpose of the meeting is to present the Ward 2 Forum’s plan for addressing Waste Removal in Ward 2. We are hoping that this plan will be favourably received by the residents, TWKM and all the other organisations in our valley.

The plan is the culmination of many years’ work by the Ward 2 Forum and the Genadendal Transformation Committee. It comprehensively addresses the Waste Removal problem in a holistic way, as well as creating jobs and many other opportunities. It will also pave the way to address other infrastructural problems, like Sewage and provide opportunities for Tourism, Training, Conferencing etc. We therefore urge as many people and organisations as possible to attend the meeting so that the W2F can have as much public participation as possible.


Public meeting on Thursday, 25th Feb 2016 in the Greyton DR Church Hall at 5PM.

Help us stop the proposed drop-off site at Greyton’s entrance and see our alternative to comprehensively address this and other problems.

It is very it important that all residents of TWK Ward 2 (Greyton, Heuwelkroon, Boschmanskloof, Genadendal, Voorstekraal and Bereaville) attend this public meeting so that we can stop the current TWKM plan wholesale nfl jerseys of turning Greyton’s entrance Holding into a waste drop-off zone.

We will also be presenting our Alternative Plan for Waste Management and our longer term vision for the area, for your consideration and support. We the need your input – this plan can only serve the needs of everybody if Wave everybody takes part!

Needless to say, cheap nba jerseys it is crucial that wholesale nfl jerseys all our voices are heard on this coolsculpting? and the only way to ensure wholesale nba jerseys that, is to FHU-Dickson attend this meeting.

When: Thursday, 25th Feb 2016, 5pm.
Where: Greyton DRC Hall, Main Rd, Greyton.



Alienation of Portion of Erf 595 (Commonage) – Greyton

The public notification of the intended alienation of portion of Erf 595 Greyton pertains.

For the Ward 2 Forum to make any meaningful comment and provide constructive input into the process off by the deadline of 19 February 2016, we have requested an extension of the deadline by an additional 30 days.

It appears from the above notification and subsequent correspondence from Janine Joorst of TWK, that Council had already decided over various details of the Espacio alienation of land, which suggests that the project had already been fully evaluated by TWKM, this in the cheap jerseys absence of any public participation process whatsoever. It must surely be evident that this is a huge and significant project, involving the sale of 235 ha of the Greyton Commonage for a paltry 4 million Rand, for “commercial farming”, with all sorts cheap nfl jerseys of potentially contentious issues for our communities and the environment.

It is also noted that BALL there is no record of any Public Notice on the Greyton notice board, which is understood to be a major requirement of a Public Participation along process as only a few people would have read the Gazette.

The Ward 2 Forum has requested additional information on the following:

  • Details of previous resolutions referred to in Recommendations to Council by TWKM a Directors
  • Minutes of the Ward 2 Committee meeting where the matter was discussed
  • Minutes of the TWKM Council meeting at which a vote in favour of the project was taken.
  • Details of any restrictions in the Title Deeds
  • Why is the land being alienated/sold without any water rights

We also request to be informed of the names and business affiliations of all the parties who made the proposal that TWKM considers suitable. As proper procedure prescribes that alternative land uses should be assessed comparatively, we also require full details of assessments of those alternatives examined by TWKM.

Unfortunately, all of the relevant information on this application is stated to be available for perusal only at the 北国新聞(2010年1月31日)にウーマンスタイル交流会が掲載されました。 municipal offices in Caledon. We requested that all information should be made available in the Ward 2 municipal offices, as this project is very important to wholesale jerseys all of Ward 2.

All information obtained in respect of the proposed alienation and ultimate sale of a portion (235 ha) of Erf # 595 will be made available via our website, Facebook page and a sent out to interested parties registered on our Database

Should you want to be placed on the Ward 2 Forum Database please request so in the form to the right of this post.

Ward 2 Forum Team




Report back – Greyton Drop off site

We are pleased to announce that no further work on the cheap NBA jerseys proposed Drop-off and Waste Transfer site, which was planned adjacent to the R406 at the Greyton entrance, will be done until a full Journummer! assessment has been carried out.

The Ward 2 Forum has proposed an alternative business plan to holistically address the problems, which we believe will be wholesale NFL jerseys acceptable to all the community, with considerably less potentially damaging impacts on the environment and on tourism. This is currently being considered by TWKM. Once TWKM have cheap jerseys fully considered the alternatives and agreed the technical and management requirements, we will be able to inform Lake the community of the revised details of the facility.

The Ward 2 Forum, with the financial assistance of concerned members of the community, have secured the services of a Senior Council and will seek legal relief by means of an interdict should this be required to prevent the unilateral implementation of a Solid Waste Drop-off/Transfer site that would not be in the interest of the larger Ward 2 community. We sincerely trust that this won’t be necessary, but at the same time we are determined not to let this ill-conceived plan be implemented.

We wish to thank the many members of the community for the overwhelming response & support against the original at proposed plan and the adverse effects the that would have had on our communities. There is now an opportunity to work with TWKM in support of an acceptable waste management policy in Ward 2, that should ensure the continuation of local sorting & recycling as well as creating jobs, opportunities and skills training.

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Ward 2 Forum Team