Aesthetic Design of Greyton’s Buildings

A number of residents have become very concerned with the substantial number of new buildings in Greyton that are wholly inappropriate for the sort of rural village we chose to live in, do not comply with the Guidelines established to control the architectural features and aesthetics of the built environment, and may detract from the amenity and real value of property in general.

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Good news on Water Restriction Tariffs

The TWK municipality had a Special Council Meeting yesterday to debate the Water Tariff Structure, after many complaints about the implications of the adopted Tariff Structure for water usage during times of Water Restrictions.

The TWK municipality had a Special Council Meeting yesterday to debate the Water Tariff Structure, after many complaints about the implications of the adopted Tariff Structure for water usage during times of Water Restrictions.

Submissions from concerned stakeholders had been received by TWK after the announcement of the “double” water tariff. The Ward 2 Forum made a comprehensive submission, Tariff proposals and motivation during a meeting with TWKM last week, on behalf of its members in the TWK Ward 2. This submission was based on the research done by our team on the implication of the unilateral doubling of rates for water usage. It was found that the proposed rate would have little to no effect on the objective of saving water and would only really affect the lower income and the business sector.

It is thus with a measure of relief that we are able to announce the new and amended Water Tariffs as adopted by the TWKM Council yesterday morning.

In short:

The restricted domestic water tariff for consumption

  • 0 -6 kl be restored to R 4.74 (Excl. VAT, which is the old tariff)
  • 7 – 15 kl will be increased to R 8.55
  • > 15 kl will be double as per the previous tariff notice

Full Tariff prices will be available on our website in due course.

The business water tariff will be subject to an application for potential exemption from the higher rates. Each application will be reviewed on merit. The required form for this application is being obtained from TWKM and the Ward 2 Forum will ensure these are available to businesses that wish to apply for the exemption.

The Ward 2 Forum team will endeavour to keep you informed on any further developments in respect of the Water Tariff Structure. We believe that there are still aspects of this policy that still need to be questioned and hopefully corrected. We also wish to congratulate our Mayor and her team for the leadership shown in the way they tackled this problem through a process of Public Participation.

For additional information please do not hesitate to contact the Ward 2 Forum.

The Ward 2 Forum Team


Ward 2 Forum welcomes new Committee members

The W2F is proud to welcome three new Committee members:

  1. Christo Sauls – is a pillar in our community and will take on the Sport and Recreation Portfolio, as well as representing Greyton Rugby Club.
  2. Kathy Kelly – Kathy and family have already made an impact on our community and especially with her involvement with Baboon Matters. She will take on the Public Relations portfolio.
  3. Jenny Hughes – Jenny is a well-known Greytonian and is taking on the very important IDP portfolio – she works for Province as an IDP specialist and is thus very well versed in the intricacies of this process.

A very warm welcome!

The full W2F Committee is (with Portfolios):

Derek Crabtree – Chair

Paul Adendorff – Tourism and representing the Genadendal Transformation Committee

Christoff Coetzer – Finance and Electronic Media

Jenny Hughes – IDP – corporate governance

George Juries – Engineering and representing the Genadendal Transformation Committee

Kathy Kelly – Public Relations

Brian McMahon – Research and Heritage – SDF, Overlay & Bylaws

Brian Pavier – Legal and Security/Safety corporate governance

Christo Sauls – Sport and Recreation and representing Greyton Rugby Club

Stuart Shearer -Environment and Conservation

John Williams – Heritage