Resurface Maintenance – R406

R406 Road Maintenance

Road surface maintenance is scheduled for the last 13 km stretch of the R 406. The project will commence on or about the 13th November 2017 and is expected to be completed by mid February 2018.

Whilst we have been assured that all will be done to minimise the inconvenience to motorists, the standard practice of utilising Stop ‘n Go measures over specific sections will be implemented to control traffic flow for most parts of this maintenance period. The stretch of the R 406 affected will be between the Searjeants Rivier farm and the N2.

Please be careful when using this stretch of the R406 during this period. Loose stone chips and construction vehicles will be the biggest hazards.


The Law and Informal Housing

There have been a number of attempts to communicate to the public the background to the illegal occupation of land for informal housing in Ward 2 and to propose various actions to improve the situation. The reality is that there are no easy solutions to what has become a widespread problem throughout the Western Cape, the Overberg in particular.

Full comment document:   THE LAW AND INFORMAL HOUSING 1.1


Greyton High Estate

Due to the numerous inquiries received by the Ward 2 Forum in respect of the development “Greyton High Estate” envisaged for Erf 922 & , (as marketed on the internet recently), some research was undertaken to determine the facts as they are.

Comment received from TWKM:

“This office has not received any formal land use application for the subject property. We can however confirm that, as allowed in the By-Law  the applicant/owner did approach us for a pre-submission consultation and our comments/concerns were communicated.

We therefore await further information and details of the application from the applicant. Perhaps the add is placed to test the market.”

We have also found further information which related to a similar application which was submitted in 2009 for the same property. TWKM comment to that application hereto attached as reference.



Cut-Off Low

A Cut-Off Low (COL) is a low pressure system that develops south of South Africa, stemming from the main westerly trough systems of cold air. As the COL develops, it deepens into a defined closed system that extends from the upper air downward to the surface of the earth.  A COL system usually prevails over an area for more than a day , and can last for up to 6 days. The COL moves slowly over a confined region leading to extreme rainfall. COL’s are unstable, baroclinic systems that slope to the west with height and are associated with strong convergence and upward motion, particularly while they are deepening.

Typical Synoptic sequence and weather associated with a Cut-Off Low


Community Police Forum Membership

Community Safety Forum (CPF)

CPF Membership Application Form

A Body, Organization or Institution must apply in writing for membership of the Forum or Sub-Forum to the Executive of the Forum or Sub-Forum on the prescribed form. The application must indicate its:

  • Management and other officials;
  • Aims and objectives of the entity, and;
  • Person mandated to represent the entity.

Member – means any member of the Forum, Sub-Forum or Board, elected, co-opted and those whose application for membership of the Forum and Sub-Forum was approved or renewed in terms of this Constitution, excluding individuals from the general public, but including statutory members designated to the Forum or Sub-Forum.

An Executive Committee shall be elected from the Community-based Organisations registered with the Forum, and shall consist of:

  • Chairperson and Deputy-Chairperson;
  • Secretary and Assistant-Secretary;
  • Treasurer;
  • Project Co-ordinator;
  • Public Relations Officer;
  • Additional members as decided by the Forum at an Annual General Meeting;

Persons elected to the executive of the Forum or Sub-Forum shall be subjected to a screening process and this shall be dealt with in a professional and confidential manner. During the process of applying for membership, organizations and groups (excluding Political parties), with more or less the same aims and objectives will be grouped by the Executive Committee into a Cluster for voting purposes (e.g. Education-, Business-, Civic Organizations-, Victim Support Cluster, etc.)



Telecommunications Tower – Application for Departure and permission required in terms of the Zoning Scheme: Erf 1086, Greyton

Application for Departure and permission required in terms of the Zoning Scheme:  Erf 1086, Greyton

Notice – Erf 1086 7833-gaz-06-oct-2017

Application Document – Erf # 1086 (Telecommunications Tower)