Executive Mayor Budget Speech (2018-2019)

Herewith copy of the Mayors Speech at the presentation of the Draft Budget for the 2018/2019 financial year.

The Ward 2 Forum will be studying the budget and comments will be published for the community to peruse.

The public participation process will start shortly and it is imperative that the community be part of this process to ensure the will of the community is heard.

We will keep you updated on the dates of these meetings.

Mayor – Draft Budget Speech 2018 2019

Burgermeester – Konsep Begrotingsrede  2018 2019


Solid Waste By-Law


The burning of any waste is prohibited, except when written approval for such burning has been obtained from the Municipality.

It is thought that common sense would prevail in such instances, particularly in light of the recent Veld Fires in our area.

Herewith the Theewaterskloof Municipal By-Laws (Waste Management By-law) in respect of Solid Waste. Chapter 6, clause 39 is quite clear on burning of any solid waste.



Deadline Looms – Property Valuations Objections


The deadline to submit your objection in respect of the published Property Valuations Roll is the 30th March 2018. Therefore not much time left to do so.
Many property owners are finding the prospects of having to submit an objection daunting and somewhat laborious. To assist the many individuals who have approached the Ward 2 Forum for assistance we have with the help and guidance of a specialist firm of attorneys prepared a generic objection letter (Objection – Property Valuation 2017 ) which you can use to complete and submit to TWK. Also attached hereto are the Objection Forms that need to accompany the objection letter to TWK.

Choose the relevant document applicable to you.

Objection: Form A – Residential

Objection: B – Bussiness

Objection: C – Agriculture

Should you require any additional Information please do not hesitate to contact the Ward 2 Forum on: info@ward2forum.org


Firebreaks – Ward 2

With the increase of Veld Fires in the Ward 2 area over the last few years it had become increasingly obvious that a concerted effort is to be made in reducing the threat these hold to the whole of the community.  The formation of a Ward 2 Fire Prevention Association is being planned to address this critical issue.

In conjunction with all the major role-players the following is being done to reduce and ultimately curb the threat of Veld Fires.

1.  The preparation and maintenance of a Firebreak Network for the whole ward 2 area.

The purpose of a firebreak is to provide an area of reduced   fuel load which will reduce the intensity of a fire and therefore allow for more effective combating, serve as a access route to fires as well as a line from which a back burn can be started.

2. Education drive to increase the awareness of the devastating impact Veld Fires have on our Natural Environment and Economy as a whole.

To this end a Ward 2 Firebreak Document (Firebreaks – Ward 2) was provided to Theewaterskloof Municipality of the proposed firebreaks for the area. It is pleasing to note that TWK have adopted this proposal as part of there overall planning and will be implementing these over time as funds become available.

The firebreaks around the lower end of Greyton have already been started. This included the clearing of dead trees and fuel load in areas around the Country Village.A very big thank you to Johan Viljoen of TWK for his assistance and contribution in this project.



The Eskom Board had taken office six weeks previously and had identified a number of critical issues that needed their attention: liquidity of the entity, governance of the entity, and releasing interim results.

Total debt had escalated from R 6 billion in March 2016 to R 9.4 billion in March 2017 and had increased to R13 billion by March 2018.

Defaulting municipalities Eskom briefing

Eskom presentation 6 March 2018



The new General Valuation Roll is scheduled to come into effect on 1 July 2018. Several notices and comments had been published by the Ward 2 Forum highlighting the concern about the enormous hike in valuations from that done in 2012.

Full Comment Document- Property Valuations – Greyton




CONTRACT DETAILS -Provision professional services, execution and maintenance of general Valuation Roll-2018/2019