What can we do to protect ourselves and to prevent fires at home?

Accidental fires are just that – an accident.

There are however, a number of ways to prevent a fire starting accidentally in your home or business. It starts with having the knowledge of possible causes of fires, and being aware of seemingly harmless objects in your home or business that could ignite and lead to a fire.

Disaster Management – Safety from Fire at our Homes (18/006)


Budget 2018/19


At the Theewaterskloof Municipal Council Meeting held yesterday (29th May 2018) the Budget for the 2018/19 and outer years 2020/21 was adopted. The Ward 2 Forum has obtained a copy of the full document (538 pg) which will be studied before comment is made. Our customary précisComment Document” will be prepared for publication and circulation to our members.

In the interim, hereto attached, is the Executive Mayors Budget Speech. Rather scathing in parts toward some of those that have given objective comment. In sections the tone of the speech is concerning and, in our view, reflects the condescending attitude which has in the past marred and soured many relationships with stakeholder, rate payers and business owners alike. The statements made by the Executive Mayor will be challenged and evidence to the contrary sought.

Mayor Budget Speech 2018/2019


Scholtz River Vulnerability & Flooding Report

The concern is again raised by many residents that if the Riverine area  (Scholtz River) adjacent, and below the Country Village is not adequately cleared of alien vegetation and widened to accommodate the expected water flow, that will occur during heavy rainfall in the catchment area of the river, many of the areas adjacent to the Scholtz will again be flooded/inundated.

In a bid to alleviate the looming disaster, it is requested that some remedial work be done, as a matter of urgency, on the lower part of the Scholtz River to mitigate the chances of flooding in and around the Country Village in particular.

Scholtz – Flood Mitigation – Report

Greyton River Management Proposal  – Stellenbosch University 


Lei Water Application 2018/19 Season

The application forms for the 2018/19 Leiwater Season has just been made available.

In an attempt to ensure the fairest possible distribution between all Leiwater users (should water become available), TWK has determined upon a number of changes to be made to the operation of the Leiwater system for the duration of the forthcoming Leiwater season.  For detail please see the: Letter – Leiwater – 2018/2019

The closing date for applications is the 25th June 2018.

Leiwater Application Form

Notes – Leiwater

No late entries will be entertained.


Proposed Western Cape Heritage Resource Management Bill

The Department of Cultural Affairs and Sport has embarked on a process to draft a Provincial Heritage Resources Management Bill.

The National Heritage Resources Act, 25of 1999, is the current and overarching national legislation which assigns the mandate and responsibilities for the management of heritage resources to the provincial heritage resources authority where applicable.

Herewith a copy of the Draft Bill as proposed for discussion by stakeholders:

Framework of the Western Cape Heritage Resources Management Bill- Draft

For more information please contact the Ward 2 Forum at: info@ward2forum.org



Comment on the Draft Budget & IDP Review Document


Herewith the Ward 2 Forum Comment Document on the TWK Draft Budget for 2018/19 and the IDP 1st Review Document that is going to Council for adoption.

  1. Full Comment  on IDP & Budget 2018/22
  2. Precis Overview on IDP & Budget 2018/22

Unfortunately a bleak outlook for the Ward 2 area over the next 3 years, in all respects.