Ward 2 Forum reports on Greyton Heritage Survey

In line with the invitation by the Theewaterskloof Municipality to participate in the Public Participation Process (PPP) of the 1st Draft Greyton Heritage Survey document, as produced by the appointed consultants (Cedar Tower Services), the Ward 2 Forum submitted the following documents as part of the ongoing process.

Document 1 – Précis summary of the Ward 2 Forum points raised.
Document 2 – Full report by the Ward 2 Forum on the 1st Draft Heritage Survey completed.

The W2F has highlighted some concerns as it appears as though the Heritage Survey Process is raising more questions than answers. It is critically important that the residents and property owners of Greyton are informed and encouraged to be involved in the process going forward as many of the implications will affect property owners directly and will not necessarily have the desired effect of protecting Greyton for generations to come. The desired promulgation of by-laws and the implementation of these to protect Greyton will in our view take several years to finalise, particularly due to a legislative process still not having been finalised at Provincial and Heritage Western Cape level as yet.

Should you need additional information about the Heritage Survey, implications thereof or anything relating to the survey please do not hesitate to contact us on:



One thought on “Ward 2 Forum reports on Greyton Heritage Survey”

  1. IMHO: As I understood the present “Heritage Survey” it is a “survey of what is”, rather than a “guideline of what it should be”. This would explain the “blank spaces” – presumably information for various reasons not yet gathered of properties which could be of interest.
    As I understand the “Heritage Overlay Plan”, this should give guidance to owners/developers/planners/builders of what is desirable on a specific property to be improved (destroyed …)
    Therefore those two very commendable efforts are not mutually exclusive, but – with good will on all sides – could lead to desirable progress without destroying the fabric most of us were attracted to.

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