Aesthetic Design of Greyton’s Buildings

A number of residents have become very concerned with the substantial number of new buildings in Greyton that are wholly inappropriate for the sort of rural village we chose to live in, do not comply with the Guidelines established to control the architectural features and aesthetics of the built environment, and may detract from the amenity and real value of property in general.

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One thought on “Aesthetic Design of Greyton’s Buildings”

  1. Wake up babies – you appear to have no other objective than to create an apparent lack of disagreement in the so-called community of Greyton/Ward 2 – How about joining hands and working together?? I’m sure we’ll accomplish far more along the road than this constant ego driven drivel …. Neither “side” is totally correct, but surely, together we can achieve consensus? Please, let’s leave the ego baggages at the door, and remember that “divide and rule” is the sword arm of the so-called local authorities!!! I am sure that this comment will not be published … however, you, young Derick Crabtree have one hell of a lot to answer for. Get real,
    get a life and let live …… Marise Bishop

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