Alienation of Portion of Erf 595 (Commonage) – Greyton

The public notification of the intended alienation of portion of Erf 595 Greyton pertains.

For the Ward 2 Forum to make any meaningful comment and provide constructive input into the process off by the deadline of 19 February 2016, we have requested an extension of the deadline by an additional 30 days.

It appears from the above notification and subsequent correspondence from Janine Joorst of TWK, that Council had already decided over various details of the Espacio alienation of land, which suggests that the project had already been fully evaluated by TWKM, this in the cheap jerseys absence of any public participation process whatsoever. It must surely be evident that this is a huge and significant project, involving the sale of 235 ha of the Greyton Commonage for a paltry 4 million Rand, for “commercial farming”, with all sorts cheap nfl jerseys of potentially contentious issues for our communities and the environment.

It is also noted that BALL there is no record of any Public Notice on the Greyton notice board, which is understood to be a major requirement of a Public Participation along process as only a few people would have read the Gazette.

The Ward 2 Forum has requested additional information on the following:

  • Details of previous resolutions referred to in Recommendations to Council by TWKM a Directors
  • Minutes of the Ward 2 Committee meeting where the matter was discussed
  • Minutes of the TWKM Council meeting at which a vote in favour of the project was taken.
  • Details of any restrictions in the Title Deeds
  • Why is the land being alienated/sold without any water rights

We also request to be informed of the names and business affiliations of all the parties who made the proposal that TWKM considers suitable. As proper procedure prescribes that alternative land uses should be assessed comparatively, we also require full details of assessments of those alternatives examined by TWKM.

Unfortunately, all of the relevant information on this application is stated to be available for perusal only at the 北国新聞(2010年1月31日)にウーマンスタイル交流会が掲載されました。 municipal offices in Caledon. We requested that all information should be made available in the Ward 2 municipal offices, as this project is very important to wholesale jerseys all of Ward 2.

All information obtained in respect of the proposed alienation and ultimate sale of a portion (235 ha) of Erf # 595 will be made available via our website, Facebook page and a sent out to interested parties registered on our Database

Should you want to be placed on the Ward 2 Forum Database please request so in the form to the right of this post.

Ward 2 Forum Team




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