Advertisement for Assistant Project Coordinator.

Independent Electoral Commission (IEC)

Applications are invited from suitably qualified and experienced candidates for appointment to the following FIXED TERM positions in the administration of the Electoral Commission, a state institution established by Chapter 9 of the Constitution.



Leiwater Schedule – 2018/19 Season

The official leiwater season 2018/2019 will open Monday 10 September 2018

  • Attached is a schedule reflecting the time slots of all end users.
  • Applicants have been allocated 30 minutes leiwater (reflects as 1 unit on the schedule)
  • Leiwater will be made available on a month-to-month basis(depending on the availability of water)
  • Leiwater fees will be billed monthly in arrears (No release of leiwater = No Billing)
  • An sms will be sent to inform end users if and when leiwater will be discontinued due to unavailability of leiwater  (All leiwater applicants have been registered on the Municipality’s sms database)
  • Further enquiries may be directed to the leiwater monitors, leiwater committee and municipal office.

Please note:

Stealing water is an offence and will result in your inlet being “bricked-up”.

Leiwater Time Slot Schedule  2018/19 Season


Long Term Service Level Agreement – Karwyderskraal Regional Landfill Site

After successful negotiations, the Overberg District Municipality (ODM), Overstrand Municipality and Theewaterskloof Municipality signed a Service Level Agreement for the Karwyderskraal Landfill site on Friday, 6 July 2018.

This Service Level Agreement is for the estimated useful lifespan of the whole Karwyderskraal Landfill site, which is estimated to be 55 years and will commence once the new cell in the Landfill site is completed.

In terms of the agreement, the ODM will construct a new cell in the Landfill site and maintain the Landfill site to ensure that Overstrand Municipality, Theewaterskloof Municipality and other interested parties and local municipalities in the Overberg Regional District have a facility to dispose of general waste.

According to estimates, the new cell (the fourth one of its kind) will be able to take approximately 200 000 tons of solid waste. At the current growth rate, the new cell will, therefore, take approximately eight years to fill before a new cell will have to be commissioned.

Theewaterskloof Municipality has made public its long term Service Level Agreement with the Overberg District Municipality and with respect to the use of the Karwyderskraal Regional Landfill facility, situated on a portion of Portion 79 of the farm Afdaksrivier No 575, subject to approval by the respective Municipal Councils in terms of Section 33 of the Local Government” Municipal Finance Management Act, Act no 56 of 2003 (MFMA).
Because the actual period of the long term Service Level Agreement would be the remaining lifespan of the landfill which will be more than three (3) years, the Municipalities have to comply with Section 33 of the MFMA.

MFMA Information Statement – Relating to the Service Level Agreement

Karwyderskraal Agreement – Final – 28-5-2018 (Unsigned)

Advert – Requesting Public Participation.


Greyton Scholtz River – Amendment decision

Pursuant to the Ward 2 Forum Flood Mitigation Proposal Document forwarded to TWK, for the Scholtz River, we finally have some good news in respect of the process toward finalising a overall Strategy for the whole river.

An application for a non-substantial amendment to the above Environmental Authorisation (EA) is being lodged on behalf of the applicant, Theewaterskloof Municipality.

We have been advised that the validity period of the EA for the proposed Scholtz River Flood Attenuation Measures for Flood Prevention, Greyton, has been extended.

The reasons for this decision are provided in the EA. The decision dated 06 July 2018:



Constitutional Review Committee

The Joint Constitutional Review Committee has called for written public submissions on the review of section 25 of the Constitution (Property Clause) and other sections where necessary, to make it possible for the state to expropriate land in the public interest without compensation.

This comes after the National Assembly in concurrence with the National Council of Provinces mandated the Constitutional Review Committee to propose the necessary constitutional amendments where applicable with regards to the kind of future land tenure regime needed.

Public hearing in the Overberg is being held on the 3rd August 2018 in Swellendam.

Venue: Swellendam Thusong Centre, Vollenhoven Street, Swellendam.



National Land Transport Amendment Bill – Public Participation

The bill was tabled in parliament in April 2016.

It seeks to, inter alia, provide for non-motorised and accessible transport, bring the act up to date with recent developments, provide for powers at the provincial level to conclude contracts for public transport services, expand the powers of the transport minister to make regulations and introduce safety measures and prescribe criteria and requirements for municipalities to enter into contracts for public transport services.

 –  Correspondence – Western Cape Government

–  National Land Transport Act_5_of_2009

–  National Land Transport Amendment Bill B7B-2016

Please note that should you wish to submit  any comments,  these should be submitted directly to – Shareen  Niekerk at:

Tel:        0214871992




Ward 2 Sewage: File # 14/1/1/E2/9/2/3/0244/16

Herewith copies of the documents obtained from the Provincial Government : Department Environmental Law Enforcement relating to the investigation of the Sewage pollution of the Riviersonderend River & environs.

Province Memo & Addendum A – 6 Oct’16

– Addendum B

 – Addendum C

 – Addendum D

– Addendum E 

Minutes 24 Oct’16

TWK Letter – Dr Palmer 5 Dec’16

Pre- Directive Dec’16

Enviroworks  – Report 15 Mar’17 (Part 1)

Enviroworks  – Report 15 Mar’17 (Part 2)

Enviroworks  – Report 15 Mar’17 (Part 3)

TWK Letter – le Rouw 21 Sept’17

Bree Gouwritz – Letter 21 Sept’17



It is with considerable pleasure that we can announce the merger of the Greyton Sentinel, the monthly paper for our village and the wider community, Greyton Unplugged, the village’s largest Facebook group, and the website of Ward 2 Forum, a valuable source for detailed research and documentation pertaining to not only Greyton but also Ward 2 as a whole.

Full Document: Merger Announcement