Public Meeting

With the spate of recent violent protest actions in some of the towns in TWK a group of concerned organisations is calling a public meeting to share information to residents of Ward 2.

Date      : 10 Apr’19         

Venue    : DRC Hall

Time      : 17h00

  1. Working relationship established between organisations within the Ward to jointly address issues of mutual concern:
    • Housing
    • Sewage & Solid Waste
    • Service delivery
  2. Implications of the proposed new Budget for the 2020/21 financial year and the subsequent 2 years thereafter.
  3. Report back on actions already taken
  4. Renew & Obtain further mandate to jointly address the issues raised.

Solid Waste Management – Ward 2

The aim of this document is to determine the viability for the establishment of a Solid Waste Facility in the Ward 2 Area of the Theewaterskloof municipal region. To determine the viability additional research was done to establish the feasibility of including the sorting & recycling of solid waste to increase the efficiency of the complete waste management process being proposed.

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Karwyderskraal Land Fill – Service Level Agreement


Theewaterskloof Municipality (TWKM) has made public its long-term Service Level Agreement (SLA) with the Overberg District Municipality for the use of the Karwyderskraal Regional Landfill facility, situated on a portion of Portion 79 of the farm Afdaksrivier No 575.

Because the actual period of the long term Service Level Agreement would be the remaining lifespan of the landfill which will be more than three (3) years, the Municipalities have to comply with Section 33 of the MFMA. Municipal Finance Management Act (No. 56 of 2003)

TWKM is inviting comment and written submission on the concluded SLA to reach TWKM by 12h00 on the 28th Sept’18.    TWK Information Statement- In Respect of the SLA

Ward 2 Forum Comment:

  1. SLA already concluded in Jul’18 – it is our view that this should have been an MOU prior to the SLA being concluded.
  2. Original SLA not available from TWKM for perusal. The W2F managed to obtain a copy of the original document through PAIA from another entity. Karwyderskraal Agreement – Signed: Jul’18                                                    Karwyderskraal Agreement – Unsigned 
  3. 6 variations between unsigned document provided to pubic for comment and the original document concluded by the parties.
  4. No Public Participation Process followed done prior to the conclusion of the SLA.
  5. SLA not in accordance with section 33 of the MFMA  Municipal Finance Management Act (No. 56 of 2003)
  6. TWKM is unable to provide figures of the estimated solid waste volumes that will be hauled to the Karwyderskraal Landfill site, and is therefore not able to determine the cost that TWKM will incur over time.
  7. Contract period for 55 years, initial period 8 years.
  8. No TWKM Solid Waste Strategy/Policy documents available in respect of Solid Waste Management in the TWKM area.
  9. No TWKM SOP’s (Standard Operating Procedures) available for the management of solid waste in the TWKM area.
  10. EIA documentation on Karwyderskraal not available by time of the publication of our report. This will be obtained for our record and further comment.
  11. TWKM response to the W2F initial enquiry, raises more questions than answers.  TWK Response to W2F Correspondence – 12 Sept’18
  12. Local Authority unable to provide a Recycling Policy in terms of Solid Waste for the TWKM area.


W2F will be submitting a full comment on the concluded SLA on behalf of the Ward 2 Community. This document will be available for perusal once submitted.

Should you require any additional information or wish to make comment on this issue, please feel free contact the Ward 2 Forum on








What is the IDP?

The Integrated Development Plan (IDP) is a five-year plan which local government is required to compile to determine the development needs of the municipality. The projects within the IDP is also linked to the municipality’s budget.

What is IDP and Sdbip?
The Service Delivery and Budget Implementation Plan (SDBIP) is a mechanism that ensures proper alignment between the Municipality’s Integrated Development Plan (IDP) and the Budget. It is central to the monitoring and evaluation of the performance of the Municipality in implementing its IDP and Budget.

What is an Integrated Development Plan in a Nutshell

Ward 2 – IDP Priorities 2018_19.


Emerging Farmer Database

Theewaterskloof Municipality is updating its Emerging Farmer database and therefore invites all emerging farmers to register their details.

The purpose of the database is to:
•  Establish up-to-date statistics for Theewaterskloof Municipality and other institutions of all emerging agricultural producers in the Theewaterskloof area
The following benefits to the farmer are foreseen:
•  Improved communication with farmers in the Theewaterskloof area – specifically on existing opportunities;
•  Improved planning of resources needed for agricultural support programmes and services for the development of farmers; and
•  Delivery of the right services to the agricultural sector.

Registration forms may be obtained from:
Client Care Officials at the towns offices: Grabouw, Botrivier, Villiersdorp, Caledon, Greyton/Genadendal, Tesselaarsdal & Riviersonderend

Further Information: Alfra Cox, Morne October
Contact no: 028 – 214 3351, 028 – 214 3429

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Public Hearings: The Western Cape Commissioner for Children Bill [B 4–2018]

You are invited to attend a public hearing on THE WESTERN CAPE COMMISSIONER FOR CHILDREN BILL [B 4-2018] in the area closest to you. Hereto attached, the advertisement, presentation and the copy of the bill for your perusal.  Please note that if you are not available to present a verbal submission to the Committee, written comments are also acceptable.

Invitation – WC Children Bill Public Participation

Western Cape Commissioner for Children Bill B4-2018 Summary

Presentation to Standing Committee on Children’s Commissioner – 29 August 2018

The Committee resolved to have public hearings on the Bill on 2 October in Beaufort West, 3 October in George, 7 November in Vredendal and 8 November in Cape Town.Facebooktwittergoogle_plusredditpinterestlinkedinmail