Greyton High Estate

Due to the numerous inquiries received by the Ward 2 Forum in respect of the development “Greyton High Estate” envisaged for Erf 922 & , (as marketed on the internet recently), some research was undertaken to determine the facts as they are.

Comment received from TWKM:

“This office has not received any formal land use application for the subject property. We can however confirm that, as allowed in the By-Law  the applicant/owner did approach us for a pre-submission consultation and our comments/concerns were communicated.

We therefore await further information and details of the application from the applicant. Perhaps the add is placed to test the market.”

We have also found further information which related to a similar application which was submitted in 2009 for the same property. TWKM comment to that application hereto attached as reference.



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  1. Are we able to have so many more houses ie people ,cars, consumer of water and electricity when our municipality can’t even cope now pros this for the poor community who still have to live in shacks ! I’m sorry I’ve been out of touch please inform ! Many thanks

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