Any person residing in the Ward 2 area, comprising Greyton, Heuwelkroon, Boschmanskloof, Genadendal, Voorstekraal and Bereaville is entitled to be a member of the Ward 2 Forum. There are no membership fees payable.

Benefits of Membership:

  • Being part of a structured process to actively engage with TWK Municipality on all matters pertaining to our Ward.
  • Being a member, entitles a person to be proposed as a Management Committee Member and to serve on this committee.
  • Receiving all relevant information regarding the work being done by the Forum.
  • The benefit of knowing that you are playing an active part in ensuring that we get the best possible treatment from TWKM.

Application for membership is easy – simply fill in your details below and you will be added to our Membership Base.

Application for Membership of Ward 2 Forum