Report back 2016/006 – Proposed Borrow Pit


In terms of legislative requirements prescribed in NEMA, a public participation process (PPP) was triggered with the planning of the proposed borrow-pit for the mining of suitable gravel for the upgrading and re-gravelling of roads in the area, which is highly degraded and poses a safety hazard.

Mot Mac Donald PDNA Consulting Engineers on behalf of the Western Cape Provincial Administration (WCPA), Department: Transport and Public Works, proposes to mine material from the proposed borrow pit DR1298/15.82/R/20.

The proposed upgrades will ensure:

  • Safer roads for famers utilizing these road, and more productive transport of agricultural crops.
  • Upgraded roads will also positively contribute to tourism in these areas. Very famous tourist towns such as Greyton, and Genadendal are situated in these areas.
  • Proposed upgrade of these roads will also contribute to the safety of the children from the working farms taking busses to the nearest schools.
  • Safety in general will be improved, especially during the rainy season where the accident percentage tends to be higher due to wet, slippery and degraded roads.

The proposed upgrade of these roads will positively contribute to the social, safety, and economic environment of the area.

In terms of the NEMA, public participation forms an integral part of the environmental assessment process. The public participation process provides people who may be affected by the proposed development with an opportunity to provide comment and to raise issues of concern about the project or to make suggestions that may result in enhanced benefits for the project.


The Ward 2 Forum has assessed the proposal and will be participating in the PPP, which will capture, evaluate and included in a comment on the outcome of our assessment.


Further Reports on this project will be published as soon as more information is made available.


The Ward 2 Forum Team


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