Report Back – Boschmanskloof Sports Facility Upgrade

Ward 2 Forum Report Back – 2016/008


The Ward 2 Forum is pleased to announce that the work of the Boschmanskloof Sports Field has been started. This is a joint venture project between the Ward 2 Forum and the Boschmanskloof Rugby Club. The initial phase of levelling the facility has been completed and now enables volunteers to start with the grass planting process.

This facility, once completed, will not only allow the communities of Boschmanskloof and Heuwelkroon to benefit by being able to host sports activities within the communities but will also enable them to cater for social events such as the annual Moravian Church bazaar. It is further envisaged that informal sports activities will be encouraged by the Local Rugby Club to foster and promote sports among the youth of these two communities.

Should you wish to part of this initiative or volunteer in the grass planting process, or want to receive more on these and other projects of the Ward 2 Forum please email us at the following address


Ward 2 Forum Team


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