Rezoning Application Erf # 919, Main Rd, Greyton

There has been an Application for Rezoning of Erf #919, Greyton. This document attempts to define the implications of the development. To this end, some pertinent facts have been highlighted in the report that might shed some light on the planned development of the property as well as the implications these will have on the neighbouring properties & property owners.
As the application process for rezoning provides for the community to object/submit comments on the proposed development, we urge all affected and interested parties to study the relevant documents and submit such comments. The closing date for objections & comment is the 31st January 2017.

Herewith the pertinent documents for your perusal:

W2F report on the Application

Zoning Application

For further information please contact the Ward 2 Forum on


4 thoughts on “Rezoning Application Erf # 919, Main Rd, Greyton”

  1. I generally agree with your observations and recommendations.

    I’ve not studied the entire document but the following comments address some of the more obvious problems:

    HERITAGE: The existing dwelling appears on the 1938 aerial photograph, so it is more than 60 years old and is a protected building. Any application for alterations and and/or additions would require a permit from HWC and would also have to comply with TWKIZSR and NBR SANS 10400. [GAG do not apply once HWC has issued a permit.]
    REZONING: A General Residential Zone 2 (GR2) zoning seems to be inappropriate. It would make more sense for the owner to apply for a Consent Use for a second or double dwelling unit within the existing zone, which is Single Residential Zone 1 (SR1) [5.1.6].
    The sketch site plan of the proposed development does not show 8 metre internal road widths, 200 m2 communal open space, service yard etc. These and other GR2 requirements may prove to be difficult to comply with on such a small property.

    CONCLUSION: This application appears to be inappropriate for Erf 919, Greyton.

  2. This application is a concern – historically, legally and aesthetically.

    The property is one of the first character buildings you see on entering Greyton. These changes will compromise the first impression created when entering the village.

    The proposal contradicts many of the laws and guidelines put in place for just this reason. Also, if this is passed, a precedent will have been set for future developers.

    I feel it is in the best interest of Greyton that this application is denied.

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