TWK Municipality – New Structure

At the Full Theewaterskloof council meeting of 28 June 2017, the proposal to reconstitute the Macro Structure of the municipality was unanimously adopted. The restructure proposal was tabled to council with the motivation that a organisation change was required to enable the local authority to address the Visionary Focus Areas of the council. Attached for your record and perusal is the Ward 2 Forum comment and summary document on the proposed restructuring of the local authority.

We invite your comment and thoughts on the new structure.

W2F comment on TWKM restructure 1.2


One thought on “TWK Municipality – New Structure”

  1. Derek – Obviously your observations and engagement provide you with an understanding that I am nowhere near able to achieve. However, what is clear, based on your commentary is that a leadership driven change in functionality, and accountability is and has been missing. Organisations the world over are prone to silo mentatility, but most still have some degree of reporting and cross communication, even if they all ignore it!
    If you do not measure (by which I mean track outcomes and costs) in any structure, it is impossible to ensure equitable, appropriate distribution of resourses. The key to this being able to quantify and then qualify budgets and association plans, relating to the expenditure. This is hard, it requires skills, and most importantly culture driven objectives. By which I mean that pride in delivery, and accountability comes from the top down. I note with concern, that the CEO (Municipal Manager) post is unfilled, and may remain so for some time. This is a real challenge, as every month that goes by allows for patterns of behaviour to become more entrenched. Lets hope that the position is filled by someone with appropriate drive and skills to really make a difference, there is so much potential in the Overberg, and so many missed opportunities, all the while riven with entrenched inequalities – he or she will need to be made of resilient material!

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