Ward 2 Forum and LandCare

LandCare Areawide Planning looks at the big picture and considers all of the factors that affect the resource issues.

Individuals and communities are encouraged to look beyond the fencerow and identify where the real sources and solutions to their problems and opportunities lie. LandCare Areawide Planning provides local people the process to assess their natural resource concerns and determine what conditions they desire and formulate alternatives to achieve their goals.  Locally led conservation is a concept whereby local people lead the planning process based on locally identified needs.

Goals of the Landcare group: 

Sustainable agriculture:

The focus of the LandCare is address commonly issues in this area which will include pest plant and animal control, maintaining and improving soil health, farm planning, and salinity and erosion control.

Environmental stewardship:

LandCare will address local environmental issues with a view to conserving biodiversity on private and public land, commonly through the protection of remnant vegetation, re-vegetation, and protecting the habitat of threatened species.

Community education:

Community education remains the highest goal of the LandCare initiative.

Education activities aim to raise awareness of local environmental issues and build the knowledge and skills of landholders.

Community well-being:

Community well-being has emerged more recently as a goal of many LandCare groups and networks, especially those affected by drought, bushfire or flood. Groups and networks will contribute greatly to community well-being in many ways, particularly in the distribution of information and maintaining connectivity in affected communities.

See the full LandCare document HERE


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