Ward 2 Forum welcomes new Committee members

The W2F is proud to welcome three new Committee members:

  1. Christo Sauls – is a pillar in our community and will take on the Sport and Recreation Portfolio, as well as representing Greyton Rugby Club.
  2. Kathy Kelly – Kathy and family have already made an impact on our community and especially with her involvement with Baboon Matters. She will take on the Public Relations portfolio.
  3. Jenny Hughes – Jenny is a well-known Greytonian and is taking on the very important IDP portfolio – she works for Province as an IDP specialist and is thus very well versed in the intricacies of this process.

A very warm welcome!

The full W2F Committee is (with Portfolios):

Derek Crabtree – Chair

Paul Adendorff – Tourism and representing the Genadendal Transformation Committee

Christoff Coetzer – Finance and Electronic Media

Jenny Hughes – IDP – corporate governance

George Juries – Engineering and representing the Genadendal Transformation Committee

Kathy Kelly – Public Relations

Brian McMahon – Research and Heritage – SDF, Overlay & Bylaws

Brian Pavier – Legal and Security/Safety corporate governance

Christo Sauls – Sport and Recreation and representing Greyton Rugby Club

Stuart Shearer -Environment and Conservation

John Williams – Heritage


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