TWKM Council Meeting – 23 Aug 2017

Herewith please find the Précis Report of the Council Meeting (23 Aug’17).

Some interesting points discussed, however the 2 that are of particular interest is the decision on:

  1. TWK will not pursue the issue of alienating a portion of Erf # 595
  2. Rejection of the application to subdivide Erf # 1015 (Greyton)

COUNCIL REPORT 008.17. Council Meeting – 23 Aug’17 



TWK Municipality – New Structure

At the Full Theewaterskloof council meeting of 28 June 2017, the proposal to reconstitute the Macro Structure of the municipality was unanimously adopted. The restructure proposal was tabled to council with the motivation that a organisation change was required to enable the local authority to address the Visionary Focus Areas of the council. Attached for your record and perusal is the Ward 2 Forum comment and summary document on the proposed restructuring of the local authority.

We invite your comment and thoughts on the new structure.

W2F comment on TWKM restructure 1.2


Comment on TWKM’s response to W2F IDP Budget Report

Ward 2 Forum put considerable effort into assessing the new IDP at the start of its 5 year cycle, and the budget for 2017-18, the latter being issued together with the medium term Revenue and Expenditure Framework for 2018-19 and 2019-20. These documents together comprise over 500 pages of text and tables. Our comments covered the 25 subjects that we thought most important, that we could in a small way try to contribute to constructively.

W2F comment on TWKM response to our IDP Budget Report (3)