The Budget and IDP are required to fulfill a number of essential functions:

  • To maintain acceptable service levels throughout the municipal area;
  • To establish additional services wanted and paid for by the public;
  • To provide affordable enforcement of municipal by-laws;
  • To account to the Treasury and the community for control of the financial resources;
  • To consult the community on content and progress of the Socio-Economic Development plans for the municipality.

As we see the situation from Ward 2, there is scope for much improvement on all counts above, the single most important failing being consultation with the community. Decisions taken by TWKM that concern the public often seem to be taken with no regard for the public or for the Government policy on public participation.

Click here >> Draft Budget W2F Comment Summary 18_20

Click here >>TWK Reply on W2F Budget Report


2 thoughts on “COMMENT ON THE DRAFT FINAL BUDGET (2017-2020) & 4TH GENERATION IDP (2017-2022)”

  1. If my old brain does not let me down, the ba….s at TWK promised 1 or 2 or 3 years ago that Greyton would upgraded and awarded (sic) a much bigger amount. Wallace hand is still there…

    We are just cows to be milked to pay their fat salaries.

  2. Well done Brian, quite how you manage to read let alone understand these documents is beyond me.
    It would seem that as par normal practice we are enriching others!

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