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Report Back # 2/2016

This is a follow-up on the last post regarding the concern that has been expressed regarding the perceived increase in crime in the area. It is clear from crime statistics released in Parliament yesterday that the Ward 2 area is not unique in this regard; crime is generally on the increase nationally. Whilst we understand the decline in the economic outlook, unemployment and general degeneration of the social structures of communities, many aspects of the challenge can be addressed immediately.

The Ward 2 Community Safety Partnership (Ward CSP, a Ward 2 Forum initiative) advertised a while ago for contributions re initiatives to target crime and got overwhelming participation. We were able to identify several aspects of the challenge that faces us as a community. In a bid to curb and at least reverse the crime trend, some remedial actions need to be taken as a matter of urgency. Many of these actions identified will increase vigilance and will serve as proactive deterrents in managing the current challenges.

It is further recognised that many of the proposed solutions will be longer-term projects that would ultimately focus on the root causes of the social dysfunctionality and criminal activity. However, initial initiatives will focus vigilance and crime prevention through immediate action.

14237484_1647981832181710_5981404784820098461_nAs a result of and in line with the above, we have been able to negotiate with LRV Security to introduce Dog Patrols to identified areas initially. The service is expected to be implemented by the end of October 2016.

In the interim, staff will be trained and the required registration completed to comply with the stringent legislative requirements needed to implement the service.

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