Greyton Heritage Survey

The first draft of the Heritage Survey, done by the consultants Cedar Tower Services, has been completed for Greyton as part of the process to inform the next step toward the  finalisation of the Greyton Overlay Zone/Architectural Policy.

Ward 2 Forum fully supports the stated intent of the Municipality and HOZAC to work for the implementation of a suitable and successful zoning scheme, with protective Overlays to control development in Greyton, including Heritage Protection Overlays. However, numerous concerns have been highlighted during the process and these need to be scrutinised for further comment by interested and affected parties.

We consider that this project is critically important to the future of Greyton and it should contribute to the success of TWKM. Therefore, it is essential that sufficient time is made available for all the necessary consultation to be completed properly. This must be supported by TWKM Planning and HOZAC, who should be communicating information to the community and responding fully to queries etc.

The public consultation process should include discussion and debate, not just on the Heritage Survey itself, but also on all aspects arising from the Survey, and leading to the finalisation of the Greyton Overlay Zone/Architectural Policy (Mr Gxoyiya’s letter of 24 May 2016 to Ward2Forum refers).

The Ward 2 Forum has requested that the Theewaterskloof Municipality considers an extension of the due date for submission of comments to allow all interested and affected parties adequate time to study the documents. Note that the current date set for comments is the 9th September 2016.

Here is the W2F Request for Extension

Please note that a hardcopy of the consultants’ draft documents are available at the Greyton Municipal Offices for perusal or may also be viewed on the Cedar Tower Website:

  1. Heritage Data –
  2. Heritage Survey –

The Ward 2 Forum will keep you posted on all the relevant information about the process going forward.

screenshot_2007The Ward 2 Forum Team

incl:/ Request for extension 1.1


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