Leiwater Schedule – 2018/19 Season

The official leiwater season 2018/2019 will open Monday 10 September 2018

  • Attached is a schedule reflecting the time slots of all end users.
  • Applicants have been allocated 30 minutes leiwater (reflects as 1 unit on the schedule)
  • Leiwater will be made available on a month-to-month basis(depending on the availability of water)
  • Leiwater fees will be billed monthly in arrears (No release of leiwater = No Billing)
  • An sms will be sent to inform end users if and when leiwater will be discontinued due to unavailability of leiwater  (All leiwater applicants have been registered on the Municipality’s sms database)
  • Further enquiries may be directed to the leiwater monitors, leiwater committee and municipal office.

Please note:

Stealing water is an offence and will result in your inlet being “bricked-up”.

Leiwater Time Slot Schedule  2018/19 Season


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