Report back – Greyton Drop off site

We are pleased to announce that no further work on the cheap NBA jerseys proposed Drop-off and Waste Transfer site, which was planned adjacent to the R406 at the Greyton entrance, will be done until a full Journummer! assessment has been carried out.

The Ward 2 Forum has proposed an alternative business plan to holistically address the problems, which we believe will be wholesale NFL jerseys acceptable to all the community, with considerably less potentially damaging impacts on the environment and on tourism. This is currently being considered by TWKM. Once TWKM have cheap jerseys fully considered the alternatives and agreed the technical and management requirements, we will be able to inform Lake the community of the revised details of the facility.

The Ward 2 Forum, with the financial assistance of concerned members of the community, have secured the services of a Senior Council and will seek legal relief by means of an interdict should this be required to prevent the unilateral implementation of a Solid Waste Drop-off/Transfer site that would not be in the interest of the larger Ward 2 community. We sincerely trust that this won’t be necessary, but at the same time we are determined not to let this ill-conceived plan be implemented.

We wish to thank the many members of the community for the overwhelming response & support against the original at proposed plan and the adverse effects the that would have had on our communities. There is now an opportunity to work with TWKM in support of an acceptable waste management policy in Ward 2, that should ensure the continuation of local sorting & recycling as well as creating jobs, opportunities and skills training.

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